PGI revs compilers

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The Portland Group has announced (sorry, no permalink that I could find) that they’ve released rev 7.1 of their compiler tools

PGI Release 7.1 also marks the introduction of two new products: optimizing PGI compilers and tools for Intel processor-based Apple Macintosh systems, and a compiler and tools suite for Windows that includes the first commercially available debugger to support debugging of MSMPI applications on Microsoft’s flagship HPC product, Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS).

“We continue to invest heavily in delivering performance-oriented compilers and tools to our core science and engineering users while making a concerted effort to enable parallel application development by more general-purpose developers,” said Douglas Miles, director, The Portland Group. “With Release 7.1, we are delivering our fastest Fortran compiler yet, and also C and C++ compilers that show performance gains of more than 10% versus PGI 7.0 on standard benchmarks running on the latest multi-core processors. We are taking a practical approach to helping our customers cross the multi-core divide by delivering increasingly better compile-and-go performance as part of a complete parallel programming toolkit for systems ranging from dual- or quad-core laptops and desktops to the world’s fastest supercomputers.”