SGI powers processing of data from Malaysian satellite

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Earlier this week SGI announced that they’re providing processing and storage to handle Maylasia’s earth observing satellite:

SGI logoTo receive, process and distribute high-resolution imagery obtained by Malaysia’s Earth observation satellite, Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd (ATSB) selected a wide range of high-performance compute and storage technology from SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC). The SGI-powered real-time data processing system was installed in July in preparation for the launch of the RazakSATTM spacecraft.

…”The power of SGI Altix global shared-memory architecture is ideal for the data processing needs of high-resolution Earth imagery satellite data,” said Shamsulazwan Samsuddin, Spacecraft Engineer, Astronautic Technology.

…ATSB selected SGI in part because of SGI’s history of powering and optimizing satellite ground stations and easily expandable architecture, which includes 2TB of SGI InfiniteStorage that can grow with image and data requirements.