Sun launches T2 servers

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Sun’s latest chip – codenamed Niagara II but launched as the UltraSPARC T2 – is making its way into blades and servers available this week. The chip has 8 cores (the same as the Niagara I), but now has 8 threads per core and a floating point unit with each core (instead of 4 threads per core and 1 FPU per chip).

Sun unveiled the new servers yesterday:

Sun logoThe Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120/T5220 servers and Sun Blade T6320 modules deliver the compute power of 64 individual systems on a single server or blade and beat competing RISC servers on web-tier tasks by over 4x while maintaining 6x better performance per watt. With the Solaris Operating System (OS) and free virtualization technologies built-in, these new Sun servers are the most flexible, cost-effective systems for maximizing system utilization.