We have a winner

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I’m pleased to announce the winning design for the upcoming and sure-to-be-famous SC’07 t-shirt insideHPC.com tshirt: “My other computer is super.”

Thanks for everyone who voted. I was frankly surprised by the number of votes we got. I guess nothing gets people motivated like the chance to win free apparel!

Speaking of which, I’ll be announcing the details of how we’re going to give away the shirts in the coming week or so. Stay tuned.

Preserved here in perpetuity are the results as of Monday October 15, 2007:

  1. “My other computer is super”, 55 votes
  2. I (penguin) HPC, 31
  3. I (spork) HPC, 31
  4. I (viking) HPC, 18
  5. I (walrus) HPC, 6

And remember, if you just can’t wait for those t-shirts to come in, you can always have your favorite as a desktop wallpaper right now in a variety of sizes.