Witch Creek fire shuts down SDSC

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As of this morning there were seven wildfires burning out of control in San Diego county.

[Chief Bill Metcalf, county area fire coordinator] described the fire conditions as “extraordinarily dangerous” and “dramatically worsening.” “This is nowhere near finished,” he said. “This is worst than many of us imagined. We’re seeing 100 to 200 feet flame lengths and truly explosive fire behavior.”

One of those, the Witch Creek fire, is burning to the west and south, and is expected to burn to the ocean a few miles north of the UCSD campus

“I think it will go to the ocean before it stops,” Metcalf said, which means the fire would pass through Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach and Encinitas.

All HPC assets at SDSC — including DataStar, Blue Gene, HPSS, and the IA-64 cluster — have been taken off line in anticipation of unstable electrical power in the area. SDSC’s outage announcement is here.