Yokohama University Selects Cray

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Japan’s Yokohama University has selected a Cray XT4 system to power its bioinformatics research. The primary goal of the machine will be to expand research on the principle of three-dimensional structures and functions of biomolecules, proteins and nucleic acids.

Cray logoThe new Cray XT4 system will accelerate analysis of genome function and evolution from protein solid structure information,” said Professor Akinori Kidera of Yokohama City University. “Yokohama City University has a proud tradition of science and technology excellence and is fast becoming an international institution of higher education and research. This is a key step for the institution and the field of bioinformatics

The system is slated to contain dual-core AMD processors [the exact number of which is not stated] expected to generate 4 teraflops of peak compute and 1.4 terabytes of main memory.

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