AMD announces Core Math Library 4.0

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AMD has announced a new version of CML, the company’s math library for AMD64 processors. From the release

AMD logoACML is a set of numerical routines tuned specifically for AMD64 processors designed to increase support for linear programming, an optimizing technique for mathematically intensive code, in multi-core processing environments. Enhancements to ACML announced today include an update to the Linear Algebra Package (LAPACK) and increased optimizations for Quad-Core AMD Processors, including Quad-Core AMD Opteron(TM) Processors and the upcoming AMD Phenom(TM) quad-core processor. ACML is specifically designed to use key components of next-generation AMD processors, including Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE), and to create highly threaded code that can help developers to better utilize multi-core processor technology.

ACML offers support for Windows, Linux, and Solaris, and can be downloaded at no charge from AMD Developer Central.