Cray Announces XT5 Series Supercomputers

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Cray just announced the latest installment in the XT series of scalable supercomputers, the XT5 family. The new Cray XT5 massively parallel processor [MPP] system incorporates a new compute blade that will quadruple local memory capacity, double processor density and improve energy efficiency. The XT5 family also includes the first hybrid supercomputer, the XT5h.

Cray logoThe Cray XT5 family delivers superior sustained application performance from a single cabinet to massive scale while offering lower power consumption, industry-leading high density packaging, innovative cooling technologies and a fully upgradeable path from Cray XT3 and Cray XT4 systems,” said president and CEO Peter Ungaro.

A few technical notes [no drooling on the keyboard folks]:

  • Support for XT4 compute blades
  • New XT5-specific, eight socket compute blade with Quad-core AMD processors
  • Dual socket compute blades support up to 32GB of memory accessed at up to 25.6 GB/s
  • Upgrade from XT3 or XT4

The XT5h includes:

  • Support for multiple processor architectures: scalar, vector [X2 blade], offload [XR1 FPGA blade]
  • Complete software development environment for hybrid environment

Now only if they could figure out how to get one in my house without my wife noticing….

Read press release here. CNN Money also has an article here.


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