Dan Reed moves to Microsoft

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I don’t usually report on staff changes here, because they aren’t usually interesting. This one is different.

HPCwire reported on Friday that RENCI director Dan Reed is leaving his post after 3 years to head for Microsoft in December, where he will become Microsoft’s director of scalable computing and multicore.

“I have been an academic and high-performance computing researcher all of my professional life,” said Reed. “However, the chance to affect the future of computing on the largest scale at Microsoft was irresistible, both as a researcher and as a builder of large-scale systems. The transition to multicore–or multiple processors per chip–and the emergence of very large-scale data centers that deliver Web-based services are fundamental changes in computing with deep implications. This technological sea change will reshape computing, research, the economy and our lives for years to come.

This is encouraging, and has positive implications for Window CCS as far as I’m concerned.


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