DataDirect Announces S2A9900 Storage System

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DDNSC07: DataDirect Networks today announced the release of their 8th generation Silicon Storage Architecture [S2A]. The S2A9900 will deliver a sustained bandwidth of 6 GB/s [yes… gigabyte!] per appliance. The 9900 is the first storage system to support 8Gbps Fibre Channel as well as 20 Gbps DDR host connections. The system also utilizes the latest SCSI SAS protocol to communicate between drive cabinets and controllers. Argonne National Lab’s Leadership Computing Facility will receive the first seventeen S2A9900’s with over 8PB of storage.

High performance data management is essential for leadership computing,” said Ray Bair, Director of Argonne Leadership Computing. “Together, Blue Gene/P and the S2A9900 StorageScaler array can carry out a remarkable 445 trillion floating point operations per second (teraflops). We are extremely pleased to provide this level of performance for scientific computing.”

Alongside this, DDN also announced the StorageScalar 6000 drive enclosure system. The new system can house up to 60 SAS and/or SATA drives in a 4U chassis. This translates to 1.2PB of capacity in two data center racks.

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