Evidently Unix isn't dead

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I found this Computerworld story profiling Linux, Windows, and Unix use in datacenters interesting for this nugget:

Windows and Linux operating systems are getting an ever-growing share of data center environments, as inexpensive x86 servers take over jobs once the domain of Unix operating systems, said Gartner Inc.

But Unix use remains core in data centers, and while its revenue share is predicted to stay flat for the next five years — from $16.4 billion this year to $16 billion in 2012 — Gartner analysts this week said users of major Unix systems from Sun Microsystems Inc., IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co. have nothing to worry about.

“Nobody is achieving great growth, but nobody is dying,” said Gartner analyst John Enck, of the major Unix systems, adding that “there is stability.”

Who’s thought about Unix in forever?