Got a shirt? Take a snap!

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SC07: If you got one of the limited edition “My other computer is super” shirts at SC07 this year, take a snap of yourself wearing it and send it in. Pose in front of your organization’s supercomputer, with a hot co-worker, cool pet, or just hanging with the gang.

Bonus points if you’re one of the guys from a distant land that got a shirt and you take a picture with you in the shirt in your home country.

And thanks to everyone who came to the reader meetup. About 40 of you got shirts at the event: John Leidel and I had a great time meeting you all, and getting your feedback on what we’re doing here at insideHPC.

I’d also like to thank readers John and Karen Mauldin who did yeoman’s work during the meetup keeping everything organized and handing out shirts. Thanks guys!!! (That’s right, 3 exclamation points.)