HPCtrack: Qlogic's bid to enhance interoperability

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SC07: QLogic is announcing their HPCtrack Program today. HPCtrack is designed to allow customers and partners to have early access to QLogic’s forthcoming technologies and, probably more importantly for HPC customers, provides a pathway to certify interoperability between QLogic’s components and the other hardware and software one typically finds in a cluster. So far QLogic has announced 21 partners, including DDN, ClusterCorp, SiCortex, Altair, and others.

According to the release HPCtrack offers the following benefits

QLogic logoCertified Interoperability – The foundation of the HPCtrack program. To be eligible for any program benefits, HPCtrack partners are asked to test new technology, and certify interoperability with their hardware, software or application….

Early Access to New HPC Technology – …HPCtrack partners are eligible for early access to new QLogic adapters, switches and software on loan, or to purchase them at a discounted HPCtrack partner price.

Performance Optimization – …The HPCtrack Cluster Exchange is a database of Proof-of-Concept (POC) and Benchmarking Clusters that are available to HPCtrack partners, and the processes of how to get access to the clusters.