LECCIBG Event at SC07

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What in the world is a LECCIBG!? Well, its the Ligon/Eadline Cigar and Cognac Invitational Beowulf Gathering. Keeping with tradition, Douglas Eadline has announced the annual gathering taking place in Reno during SC07. Everyone is invited to wander out Monday night to enjoy free cigars, discounted drinks, free swag [for the first 100 people] and a chance to play [billiards] for a $250 Amazon gift card. So… the details are:


Who: Everyone!

When: 9PM, Monday November 12, 2007

Where: Diamond Billiards: 5890 South Virginia St.

For more information, check out the official announcement on ClusterMonkey.

This event will also be featured on the InsideHPC SC07 Events Calendar.

If you watch closely, you may even see a rather rotund InsideHPC author smoking some Midland Supreme from his Savinelli pipe.