LLNL puts HPC in flight

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I actually got this release emailed to me early last week, but then I went to the land of mice and money (Disney World) and it floated to the bottom of the pile.

Anyway, Quantum3D has announced that Livermore National Laboratory is the first customer for their Deployable HPC solution, the Quantum3D LibertyATX

LibertyATX is a ruggedized, industrial, rack-mount system equipped with multiple NVIDIA® Quadro® FX GPUs, Intel Xeon® CPUs and an Infiniband switch fabric that employs General-Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) processing to deliver teraflop-level performance for deployed, compute-intensive, realtime signal- and sensor-processing applications that require parallelism and/or stream processing. Available with storage, 28-VDC power and specialized cooling subsystems that enable the system to operate in airborne and mobile ground-station environments, LibertyATX is the first deployable system to bring the power of scalable GPGPU processing to deployed environments.

…The LibertyATX DHPC system employed by LLNL consists of two airborne-qualified transit cases, eight Compute Nodes (each with dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors and dual NVIDIA Quadro FX GPUs), one Management/Visualization Node, an Infiniband-based switch fabric and a 100+ TB storage subsystem — all powered via 28-VDC airborne Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

Livermore will use the system to support airborne realtime image processing of sensor data.