LNXI announces VPE process; may be more than fluff

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SC07: HPC vendor Linux Networx announced its Validation and Performance Engineering process today. In its press release the company says

Linux Networx logoLinux Networx’ VPE Solution Process truly delivers on “easy to design, implement and deploy” claims so casually made by competing vendors, providing proven, tested and validated HPC systems from day-one.

And the rest of the press release is similarly stacked with impenetrable marketing language that might lead one to believe that this is mostly marketing fluff.

But I think there might be a kernel of usefulness in there, and that kernel is mostly contained in this bullet point

Life-Cycle Solution Support: Linux Networx’ premier support and service infrastructure meets the continuous needs of Linux Networx’ customer base. Life-cycle support includes remote administration; customer specific project management; requirement system review; weekly and quarterly customer management calls; and quarterly VPE life-cycle tuning, on- and off-site.

If you care about the penetration of HPC down market, which LNXI certainly does as I outline in a piece written for HPCwire this week, then removing customer fear as a barrier to entry is really important to you. This part of the VPE process basically allows businesses to construct a service level agreement with LNXI for their system with a process for assuring that the levels are met. Although foreign in high performance technical computing, this SLA mindset is potentially very valuable for enterprises in which SLAs are standard practice.


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