Moab Software Makes Windows/Linux Hybrid Clustering Possible

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The saying goes, “You can’t eat your cake and have it too”, well Forbes says you can.

“Hybrid Windows and Linux clusters increase the number of addressable users and improve cluster efficiency,” said Shawn Hansen, Director of HPC marketing at Microsoft. “With Moab, customers can increase their productivity and utilization and broaden their reach by tapping into the larger base of scientists and engineers who use Windows.”

The dynamic hybrid cluster hinges on Moab — an intelligence, scheduling and policy engine from Cluster Resources — which optimally determines when the OS should be modified based upon workload and defined policies. When conditions are met, Moab triggers the change via a site’s preferred OS-modification technology, such as diskful and diskless provisioning, dual boot or virtualization (i.e., via Hyper-V within Windows Server 2008, VMware, or Xen).