New UMaine Supercomputer to Offer Maine Students Access to Climate Change, Scientific Modeling

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Being a recent graduate of the University of Maine and a member of their HPC team it’s nice to see that they are continuing to improve their HPC offerings at the University.

The UMaine Department of Computer Science has received two National Science Foundation grants, one for $200,000 to buy a second university supercomputer, and a second, for $300,000, to develop new supercomputer software to improve the transfer of massive data files.

The new supercomputer, and an access portal being developed for it, will allow Maine middle school students to access the University of Maine’s Ice Sheet Model for environmental experiments. It also will enable the university to engage in much larger outreach and research activities, the type that require massive computing power, according to Phillip Dickens, Ph.D., professor of computer science and the principal researcher receiving the grants.