QLogic intros 20 Gbps IB HPA

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SC07: QLogic has just announced the 7200, a new 20Gb DDR InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter. They are billing this as the world’s fastest HCA, and it will ship in January.

From the release

QLogic logoBandwidth (the capacity of the cluster interconnect) – The QLogic 7200 has a demonstrated bandwidth of 1,925 megabytes per second, approximately 4% faster than competitive DDR products.

Scalable Latency (delays in communications among many cores) – In 32 core testing, the QLogic 7200 HCA demonstrated the lowest scalable latency of 1.3 microseconds.

Giga Updates Per second (how many billion transactions supported per second) – In 32 core testing, the QLogic 7200 demonstrated industry leading performance of .13 billion transactions per second (GUPs).