RapidMind revs multicore development platform

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RapidMind announced this week that they’ve released version 3 of their Multi-core Development Platform, an application development suite designed to help coders get the most performance out of multicore platforms from Intel and AMD as well as GPGPUs and the Cell.

Developers of HPC and enterprise software are using RapidMind today to create manageable, single-threaded applications that leverage the full potential of multi-core processors from AMD and Intel and to seamlessly take advantage of the application acceleration available from GPUs and the Cell Broadband Engine. Using RapidMind v3.0 can reduce the cost and effort of software development when compared to multi-threaded programming–and greatly improves the likelihood of project success.

…The RapidMind platform offers flexibility to quickly adapt to new processors with ever increasing complexity and numbers of cores. RapidMind also provides the ability of accelerating applications even further, on accelerators such as GPUs and the Cell. As a member of the HP Accelerator program, RapidMind works with HP to provide accelerator solutions using various accelerators technologies.

The RapidMind Platform v3.0 will be generally available December 2007.