SC07 in a Nutshell

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acornNow that most of have finally recovered from last week’s annual Supercomputing show, InsideHPC has decided to compile a list of the various bits we [and others] covered during the show. This list is by no means comprehensive. If your event/press release/etc doesn’t appear here, we’re not picking on you. If you feel like you’ve been left out, feel free to mail us at and we’ll gladly add you to the show notes.

.: First and foremost… the insideHPC reader meetup! It was great to finally have a fleshly meeting between readers and writers. Wear your t-shirts with pride!!

.: Latest Quad core processors from Intel and AMD were announced

.: Cray releases XT5 and XT5h Hybrid scalar/vector supercomputer along with DRC FPGA blades.

.: SGI lays out its “visual supercomputing” strategy.

.: SGI Altix XE’s get a processor bump to Harpertown/Wolfdale

.: SiCortex delivers their first machine and announces Catapult desktop machine.

.: LNXI didn’t show with a booth this year, but they did announce their new Solution Center.

.: Appro unveils their new cluster platform, the Xtreme-X1

.: IBM has a watercooled p575 on display

.: Clearspeed will do a Teraflop in 1U with CATS

.: Nvidia announces CUDA 1.1

.: AMD/ATi announces double-precision GPUs in FireStream product

.: DataDirect puts 1.2PB in two racks with S2A9900

.: Mellanox unveils quad data rate Infiniband

.: Bowling tournament of Beowulf heavyweights: Tim Wilcox vs. Greg Lindahl vs. Douglas Eadline… never did find out the victor

.: The latest Top500 list… err… surprised who’s there?

.: Green500 list #1 announced

.: is relaunched under a new mission

.: University of Alberta of Edmonton, Canada wins the first annual Cluster Challenge