SGI Unveils Visual Supercomputing Strategy

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SC07: John West reported back in September from the HPC user forum on a quote by SGI CEO Bo Ewald rumoring that they were returning to their visual supercomputing roots. SGI has made good on that rumor by releasing their visual supercomputing strategy at this year’s Supercomputing show.

Over the past few years, customers have asked SGI to provide visualization solutions that bridge the compute and data management stages of their HPC workflows, and with our new Visual Supercomputing strategy, we will make the necessary investments,” said Bo Ewald, CEO, SGI. “

SGI’s Visual Supercomputing strategy is based upon several key enhancements including graphics processing unit enhancements to existing products, software-based visualization options and integrated offerings from SGI Professional Services. Compute products ranging from shared memory Altix 4700 systems to distributed memory Altix ICE blades will be used as the basis.

Swing by the SGI booth for more info.


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