SGI Updates Altix XE Platform

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SC07: SGI announced today a series of new cluster nodes and processor upgrades to their Altix XE line of products. The extension to the Altix XE line of servers and clusters includes two new models powered by next generation [45nm] Intel Xeon Harpertown [quad-core] and Wolfdale [dual-core]. This enables customers to choose two, four or eight core XE250 configurations; all utilizing a 12MB cache and a 1600Mhz front side bus. The XE320 packs up to 16 cores in a 1U chassis with integrated Infiniband and/or gigabit ethernet.

Recent Altix XE installs include:

  • University of Minnesota: 2,048 core Altix XE1300 cluster
  • South Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing: 544 core Altix XE1300
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: 112 core Altix XE
  • International Truck: 40 core Altix XE

For more info, swing by the SGI booth or their the Altix XE product site.