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TB per second memory by 2011

The DailyTech is carrying news of Rambus Inc.’s new hardware plan, to be announced tomorrow: a new memory initiative aimed at delivering 1 terabtye per second of memory bandwidth to the market by 2011.

Rather than simply increasing the clock speed of memory to achieve higher output, Rambus looks to boost bandwidth with a 32X data rate. Just as DDR memory technologies doubles transfer on a single, full clock signal cycle, Rambus’ proposed technology is able to data at 32 times the reference clock frequency. With 32X technology, the memory company is targeting a bandwidth of 16Gbps per DQ link with memory running at 500MHz. In contrast, today’s DDR3 at 500MHz achieves a bandwidth of 1Gbps.

While Rambus is (naturally) positioning this as a boon for gamers, it will be a big deal for us as well.

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