A great big "thanks", and a thought about how you can help insideHPC

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SC07: Here at insideHPC world headquarters (yes, my bedroom) we’re incredibly grateful for all the support and time you’ve given our site over the past 11 months. Since our launch on December 28, 2006 you’ve consumed over 1,100 nuggets of news. Frankly, I can’t believe your boss hasn’t said something yet…don’t you do anything other than surf the net?

After launching with just me at the keyboard, and following a brief crisis that’s best forgotten, we’ve now got several volunteers on board writing for the site. I’m especially grateful to these guys for devoting their time and effort to helping me keep this labor of love alive.

And it is a labor of love — right now the site doesn’t bring in one dime. So why do we do it?

We all still believe, as I did at the beginning, that the HPC community needs a continuous source of brief news and occassional analysis to keep everyone up to date and informed. insideHPC’s coverage will never be a substitute for the long form, in depth reporting and analysis that we get from news professionals like HPCwire, but my hope is that insidHPC can be your gateway to those pieces that are of specific interest to you while it keeps you informed at a high level about everything else. We’re also helping to bring the community together, by highlighting pieces from all those HPC bloggers out there that you might not have otherwise run across.

You might be asking yourself, “Wow! Not one dime, how do they do it?” Lots of Mountain Dew. And love, in the form of readers.

I’ve dug deep into the cushions of every couch I could find to give away tshirts and a few other items at SC this week in a micro-scale marketing campaign. I want to help even more HPC folks become aware of insideHPC, and make the site part of their daily routine. If you’d like to give us a pat on the back this week, help out with our marketing push. Tell your friends, colleagues, and even the annoying guy with the squeaky shoes down the hall about insideHPC.com.

We’d sure appreciate it. And we appreciate every time over the past 11 months that you’ve come to the site, left a comment, or sent in a news link. Thanks!