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Archives for December 2007

Daily Takeout for December 31

Chip manufacturers have long missed schedules and produced chips that only sometimes work as advertised. But, as big compute grows up and is adopted in departments and enterprises throughout the business landscape, it’s time for the big compute vendors to create new business relationships with the manufacturers that spread the pain for broken plans throughout […]

Dan Reed blogs again

Dan Reed (who recently moved from Director of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) to Microsoft) has started blogging again at the new location of Dan’s blogs have always delivered so much more than one expects from a typical blog, so this is a welcome return.

So, what do you do for a living? Let's spread the word.

Jobs come and go, and I’ve had several in HPC. But my enthusiasm for the profession remains. One thing I’ve noticed that we (as a community) are not very good at is telling people what we do for a living in a way that doesn’t cause them to run away screaming or ask if we […]

Daily Takeout

I’ve been pod silent for a couple month’s now, but I’ve decided to try and bring the podcast back to life as a daily look at one or two short stories from the HPC news stream. If you like the new format, or hate it all to pieces, let me know. Send an email to […]

PCWorld: what AMD has to get right in 2008

Sumner Lemon writing at PCWorld ruminates on what AMD has to get right in 2008 to pull itself out of the slump its been in for much of the last half of 2007. Over the next six months, there are several milestones that AMD must hit in order to get back on track. The first, […]

insideHPC turns 1, and I forget to renew the hosting plan

Today is the day…the first post at officially turns one today. My apologies to those of you who checked the site earlier this morning and found it was down. Seems I, uh, didn’t renew the hosting plan. Nothing says “party” like forgetting to pay the power bill. We’ve come a long way from 1 […]

TACC Ranger video

Sun’s HPC community portal has a YouTube clip of an interview with Tommy Minyard and Kelly Gaither of TACC about Ranger. Kelly and I were in grad school together…she’s good people. (Tip o’ the hat to Sun’s HPC Watercooler for the pointer.)

Alternative delivery models for HPC?

BioIT World is running a piece today called “Alternative IT Delivery Models Emerge.” The article is short and its a standard “ditch your in house stuff and buy software as a service” article. I do think that this model makes a lot of sense in more instances than people are ready to accept right now. […]

The insideHPC Top 5 for 2007

HPCwire readers may know that every week I write a summary of the items from the news stream that strike me as interesting in some way. This week’s issue is a little different. Since it is the last HPCwire of 2007, Michael invited me to spend some time reflecting on the year past. Rather than […]

ASU Receives $1million for Undergraduate Research

The computational mathematics program at Arizona State University has just been awarded a $1 million grant to fuel undergraduate research projects from the National Science Foundation.  The program will initially target juniors majoring in computational mathematical sciences in order to offer them experiences involving climate forecasting, environmental fluid dynamics, math biology applications and efficient supply […]