ASU Receives $1million for Undergraduate Research

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The computational mathematics program at Arizona State University has just been awarded a $1 million grant to fuel undergraduate research projects from the National Science Foundation.  The program will initially target juniors majoring in computational mathematical sciences in order to offer them experiences involving climate forecasting, environmental fluid dynamics, math biology applications and efficient supply chain models.  The second year of each student’s involvement with including mentoring incoming students.  Students are expected to write thesis or research papers worthy of being published or presented in the scientific community.

Today, mathematics is deviating from the traditional and moving toward an interdisciplinary approach,” says associate professor Bruno Welfert, the grant’s co-principal investigator. “By combining math and the physical or life sciences, students are able to tackle a problem from different angles. The goal of this program is for students to have two one-year sequences in some physical or life science that can be applied to their research.”

ASU is one of 11 institutions in the US that offer an undergraduate computational mathematics program.  The program is slated to take advantage of the resources at the Fulton High Performance Computing Initiative within the Fulton School of Engineering.

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