IBM Donates BlueGene/P

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IBM announced today that it will donate a 14 teraflop BlueGene/P system to the Meraka Institute hosted by the Center for High Performance Computing in Cape Town, South Africa. The machine, valued at an estimated $2 million, will most definitely be the most powerful supercomputer on the African continent. The system, designed to progress socio-economic and scientific progress, will be made available to any qualifying African institution free of charge.

IBM logoWe are primarily focused on initiatives that have significant scientific, environmental or socio-economic outcomes,” said Johan Eksteen, Meraka Institute. “We have a broad view of strategic research projects across the academic and broader research community needing high performance computing capacity. The power of this Blue Gene will help us further our objective of providing high-end computing and expertise for exploratory science, medicine, engineering and social sciences in Africa to make a real positive impact.”

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