ISC revs Star-P

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ISC announced this week that they’ve revved Star-P

Star-P logoStar-P 2.6 is a parallel application development platform that lets scientists, engineers and analysts create algorithms and models on their desktops using familiar mathematical tools – such as MATLAB®, Python and R – and then run them instantly and interactively on parallel computers with little to no modification. Star-P eliminates the need to re-program applications in C, Fortran or MPI in order to run on parallel systems, resulting in huge productivity gains.

The major new features in my mind are:

  • New code optimization tools for faster app performance
  • Expanded Python support
  • R language “preview” client
  • Windows Vista support

For a full list and details, check out the announcement.


  1. John – thanks for your note. One thing I wanted to share – at the SC07 show in Reno, we were previewing these features, including live demos of parallelizing Python and R code.

    For R, we did a “nearest correlation matrix” calculation; for Python we did some basic wave propagation calculation, and an image processing app which parallelized a module from the open source community.

    Here’s the page: