LNXI's Diskless Cluster System

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Linux Networx just announced its latest in HPC solutions, the LS-1 for Secure Environments [LS-1 SE]. Based on their existing LS-1 product, the SE series focuses on the separation and destruction of volatile and sensitive data. The SE systems separates the storage and management nodes from compute nodes, thus putting a barrier between users and volatile storage.

Once a secure compute job is complete, the system also performs a “scrubbing” of all other volatile data components on the compute nodes. This, combined with the diskless nature of the system, ensures that no sensitive information remains between jobs.

Linux Networx logoThe old way of conducting HPC projects in secure environments was something akin to throwing out your car once you’ve completed your drive,” said Jack Kenney, CEO of Linux Networx. “LNXI’s new LS-1 SE solution allows users the ability to stretch their HPC resources, thereby saving dollars that could be thrown back into product development and profit. The solution to secure environment data destruction offered by the LS-1 SE now allows you to simply change your tires and continue on to another journey, instead of throwing out the whole car.”

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