Purdue to Offer Supercomputing Classes

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purduePurdue has announced that it is in the process of developing courses that focus on high performance computing.  The specialized courses will be offered through the Department of Computer and Information Technology.  The courses are scheduled to start in the spring semester where each student will construct a small machine [read cluster].  The components used in the course will be recycled machines from the College of Technology and the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing.

As high-performance computing becomes more commonplace in industry, businesses are finding that they need employees who know how to assemble and maintain these machines,” said Thomas Hacker, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Technology. “There is a huge unmet demand. Students who go through our program will have a definite advantage in the workplace.”

Further courses are on the drawing board that include subjects ranging from software development, computational biology, molecular pharmacology and data management.

For more details, read the article here.


  1. Jay Marble says

    Does Purdue offer any short courses in MPI programming?

    Jay Marble

  2. John Leidel says

    Honestly, I’m not sure. [If anyone from Purdue would like to comment, feel free to send us a mail or respond here].

    However, I do know that OSC offers similar training. Check it out here: