SiCortex rounds up more cyclists

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In a repeat of their bicycle-powered computing stunt from September of this year at Wired NextFest, SiCortex chained together another slug of cyclists to run their gear. This time the riders were from the MIT Cycling team

SiCortex logoA team of 10 Massachusetts Institute of Technology cyclists highlighted the range of energy activities at MIT in a unique way Tuesday by using bicycles to power a supercomputer conducting research on nuclear fusion. The computer run was the largest human-powered computation in history.

Ok, enough already, unless you plan to start offering 10 cyclists with each SC648 purchased.


  1. […] powered by a team of bicyclists from the UMaine Cycling Club. You’ll recall that SiCortex has done this a few times before. “We at UMaine are focused on responsible computing: achieving more with fewer resources,” said […]