The 18th Daresbury MEW Wrap Up

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The 18th Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop concluded a few weeks ago, I along with fellow contributor Andrew Jones had the pleasure of attending. The event is primarily a UK event in part of the EPSRC‘s Distributed Computing Support Programme. The crowd was around 150-200 attendees comprising of mostly UK academia, regional integrators and vendors. Since it takes place so close to Super Computing much of the news has already been announced prior to the event so unfortunately you don’t get the big announcements.

Daresbury MEW

This event has been going on for years and the nice people from the Distributed Computing (DisCo)
Computational Science & Engineering Department
put it on. From what I’m told is that the event originated as a place where you could benchmark your code on the latest offerings from the regional vendors. With kit being extremely hard to get a hold of and ship, the event has morphed into an environment which encourages close contact between the research communities from the Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Materials Programmes of EPSRC and the major vendors of workstations, software and peripherals.

I managed to take a few photos of the event but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the talks.

From what I gathered is that it continues to be an important UK event and it has been growing at a continuous rate for years, see you again next year.


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