The Register predicts HP's future

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Ashlee Vance writing at The Register (well, he could have been writing at the Starbucks, but I’ll assume he was in an office of some sort) spills some ink postulating about HP’s HPC future.

HP logoHP proves more willing than Dell to stomach risk in the HPC game and is aggressive about partnering with start-ups, since this is the only way a company unwilling to invest as much R&D money as in the past can stay on the cutting-edge.

It’s a sort of radical conservatism that appears to be serving HP will to date.

Vance sees an HPC future at HP that includes GPGPUs, hypertransport-pluggable FPGAs, and low power systems that compete with Rackable’s for the super datacenter crowd.

The HPC strategy he outlines is pretty much in line with the strategy yours truly outlined after talking with HP’s Ed Turkel in an HPCwire piece that ran during SC. You can read it here.