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Archives for 2008

Butte Becomes Supercomputer-fied

Montana’s first [according to the article] supercomputer has officially arrived in Butte.  It took nearly two hours to move all the cabinets into the Thorton Building in Uptown Butte.  The state of Montana purchased the machine for $500,000 along with a loan from Butte Silver Bow totaling $380,000. It’s very standard like everything else down […]

VTDC 2009

Just announced on the Beowulf list are the details for the third annual International Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed Computing [VTDC09].  The workshop will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications.  Paper submissions are due by February 20th, 2009 on topics such as infrastructure as a serivce [IaaS], […]

Parallel framework for statistical analysis package "R"

Yes, I know that R doesn’t have quotes, but I thought that the non-R users out there might think it was a typo. Good news if you use R and yearn for easier access to parallel goodness: SPRINT A solution to this issue is to use High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, which contain many processors […]

Taking the road less traveled to parallel apps via Erlang and Haskell

There are lots of ideas flying around the developer community right now as businesses look for ways to capitalize on the gap between the capacity of multicore processors and the capability of developers to create applications that take advantage of that capacity. Some of the new ideas are old ideas, and in particular I’m seeing […]

Microsoft's Pay-As-You-Go Computing Policy

On Christmas Day, Microsoft published the details on a recent patent application geared toward pay-as-you-go computing.  The abstract details a situation where the supply chain heavily subsidizes the initial cost of computing equipment and in-turn, charges for time and the performance of the machine.  Microsoft notes that the end user could possibly end up paying […]

Fractals example in MPI on Windows HPC Server

Angel Lopez posts an updated example of the fractal HPC Server example code I updated my fractal example to support MPI.NET (Message Passing Interface with .NET) and parametric tasks in Windows HPC Server 2008. The example can be download from my ajcodekatas Google code: Nice example of HPC.NET programming that makes pretty pictures — […]

ORNL's Newest Cray Powered Up

Oak Ridge National Lab’s latest Cray supercomputer installation was recently completed.  The new Cray XT5, Kraken, was finished and powered on around mid-December.  According to the ORNL staff, its up and running, but won’t be ready for user workloads until early 2009. It is assembled and powered on, but not available to users,” Buddy Bland, […]

Merry Christmas!

John, Michael, all the gang at Tabor, and I want to thank you for the tremendous reception you’ve given us this year. Your comments, emails, and hearty hello’s at SC mean so much to us. In a very real way, your interactions with us throughout the year are why we keep doing this. And I […]

Cilk++ Goes 1.0

Ilya Mirman posted an interesting note on the CilkArts blog this morning.  They’ve officially released version 1.0 of Cilk++!  The first release only covers Linux platforms and comes in three flavors for the discerning user.  They have an Open Source Edition that does not include the Cilkscreen debugging tools, only the compiler.  All software developed […] posts its "best of" list posts its 10 best posts of 2008 We started at the end of April 2008 and published more than 1350 posts linking to useful resources of multicore related information. Among those, we believe the following top 10 posts stood out in our view and were viewed by many readers. I spent some time […]