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Archives for January 2008

Daily Takeout for January 31

In today’s Takeout we talk a little about SGI’s 14k core New Mexico system, and what it means to be up and running in 48 hours. You can find the original story at Download the podcast. Subscribe to the podcast feed. Subscribe in iTunes. Listen [audio:]

PGI Cluster Development Kit for Windows CCS 2003

Portland Group has just announced general availability of its Cluster Development Kit for Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster 2003.  The CDK for Windows is a package full of C/C++/Fortran compilers and development tools built specifically for the Windows environment.  Until recently, the CDK was only available for 32 and 64-bit x86 platforms from AMD and Intel. […]

LSU Offers HPC Class by HD broadcast

The LSU Department of Computer Science has announced that it will offer two classes by High Definition streaming broadcast.  One course, High Performance Computing: Models, Methods and Means, will be broadcast to LSU students residing in Louisiana, Arkansas and the Czech Republic.  The class will eventually be converted to DVDs and podcasts. Read the full […]

Acceleware Releases Seismic Processing Product

Acceleware has announced the launch of its seismic data acceleration solution for the oil and gas industry.  The product uses the massively parallel architecture of GPUs to accelerate 2D/3D land and marine data processing. Acceleware is growing its presence in the high performance computing sector, in part, by expanding into new industry verticals,” said Sean […]

Daily Takeout for January 30

In today’s Takeout we think inside the box with a look at new announcements around Sun’s Project Blackbox. You can find the original story at Download the podcast. Subscribe to the podcast feed. Subscribe in iTunes. Listen [audio:]

OSC launches new IBM

The Ohio Supercomputer Center announced yesterday that their new IBM Cluster 1350 is on line at 17 peak TFLOPS With the deployment of the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s new IBM Cluster 1350, the State of Ohio is now home to the 65th fastest supercomputer in the world and the 9th fastest among U.S. academic supercomputer centers. […]

Quickpath, nee CSI, details out next week

Ashlee Vance at The Register looks briefly at Intel’s HyperTransport-esque offering, now called Quickpath. Early information apparently pegs QP (yes, as far as I know I made that abbreviation up) at 96 GB/s processor-to-processor and  34 GB/s peak memory bandwidth. We’ll wait to hear a bit more from Intel before squaring QuickPath – formerly known […]

Blackbox gets a new name and shiny new customers

Sun’s Project Blackbox — originally announced back in October of 2006 — is going places. For example, it has a new name: “Sun Modular Datacenter (Sun MD)S20.” And a YouTube video. The one thing it hasn’t had much of publicly announced customers. Counting the Stanford Linear Accelerator installation there was…one. Now, to be fair, I […]

14k core NM Altix "up" in 48 hours

SGI put a release on the wires earlier this week about its success out west: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s 14,336 core SGI Altix ICE was “up and running in just 48 hours.” This is significant since it would currently rank third on the Top500 list. Good stuff, no doubt. Of the major providers I’ve […]

22nd annual HPCC conference

The National High Performance Computing and Communications Council’s 22nd annual government HPC and IT conference, otherwise known as the “Newport Conference”, will be held March 25 and 26 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Newport, RI. I’d always heard about this conference, but had never attended until last year. It immediately became my […]