96-Core Multi-Threaded Array Processor Compiler

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cosyACE Associated Compiler Experts bv has announced a marriage of its CoSy compiler development system and the Clearspeed CSX600 accelerator cards. The combination has yielded a multi-threaded array processor compiler capable of powering Clearspeed’s 96 core CSX600 accelerator cards. ACE has made several modifications and extensions to their CoSy compiler development system in order to support the Clearspeed Cn programming language.

The Cn language extensions play an important role in obtaining performance for the CSX600 architecture,” says Marius Schoorel, Managing Director at ACE. “ACE carefully integrated the poly/mono extensions into the compiler development framework, making sure that all optimizations in CoSy perform equally well on sequential, as well as parallel code constructs in the multi-threading programming model.”

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