eSilicon Teams with SiCortex

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eSiliconeSilicon has announced a successful partnership with SiCortex in assisting the HPC innovator in bringing their product from design to market.   The relationship resulted in a twenty month design-to-tape out cycle, thus saving SiCortex time and capital investment.

Partnering with eSilicon helped us to focus on what we do best – creating the innovative product architecture that enabled us to offer breakthrough performance in a unique package to the High Performance Computing marketplace,” said SiCortex CEO Dr. John Mucci. “Since we didn’t have to dedicate precious resources to building a large operations team, we were able to build a complete computer system from the silicon up with a startup-sized budget instead of the billion-dollar budgets required to build new CPUs with a more conventional approach.”

eSilicon provided SiCortex support during the development phase, manufacturing logistics phase and production flow throughout the supply chain.

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