misses boat on SGI's "born again" potential

Print Friendly, PDF & Email is carrying a piece by George Putnam (titled “Born Again After Bankruptcy”, thus the title of this post) that looks briefly at companies that exited Chapter 11 during 2007. Of course that list includes our very own SGI.

The article has only a brief mention of SGI among the dozen or so companies covered

Silicon Graphics (nasdaq: SGIC) makes high-powered computers. It has stabilized its business, but future prospects depend on the success of its new PC-based products, which may be subject to increased competition.

This reference might be brief, but it still manages to be misleading. If there are plans for an SGI laptop, I haven’t been briefed.

I guess that Putnam could be referring to the commodity processors that SGI (and nearly every other HPC vendor) is using. I guess. Also, SGI’s use of commodity processors? Not new.