Intel announces 16 new chips but not 45nm quads

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The DailyTech reports that Intel announced its new 45nm family chips for mobile (5 chips), servers (4 chips), and desktops (7 chips). The Core 2 quadcore was not announced for January, however

Intel differentiates the launch date of its three 45-nm Core 2 Quad chips from its Core 2 Duo offerings and does not specifically state the Core 2 Quad processors will launch in January. Instead, the company labels the launch dates of the three quad-core chips as Q1, indicating that Intel delayed availability of its Core 2 Quad desktop processors to either February or March.

And this time directly from the company

Dual core desktop processor-based PCs using these new processors begin shipping this month; quad core-based systems plan to arrive later this quarter.

More good news? You’ve been demanding it, and now all new chips from Intel are lead and halogen free. Although apparently “halogen free” means “there’s still some halogen in there.” From a footnote in the company’s press release

Residual amounts of halogens are below November 2007 proposed IPC/JEDEC J-STD-709 standards.

Maybe they should switch to calling them Halogen Frea (TM).