Many-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference 2008

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The Manchester Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference, now in its fourth year, is broadening its scope to include many-core
processor architectures, and will now be known as the Many-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference (MRSC). The event will take place April 1-3, 2008.

Following from a number of successful hostings of this event at the University of Manchester, the conference organisers have this year chosen to host the event in Belfast, cementing the MRSC’s emerging role as the European event for FPGA and accelerated High Performance Computing (HPC).

The conference is targeted at researchers and vendors actively seeking to leverage more productivity from their application codes by using GP-GPUs, FPGAs, IBM Cell processors and ClearSpeed processors. The conference will focus on HPC tools and applications to explore the opportunities and challenges experienced by application developers.

This conference will continue to exhibit the very latest in research and development in Reconfigurable Supercomputing and from 2008 in Many-Core and Accelerator technologies. The call for papers and for workshop proposals is now open.

Full details are available at