More on Google's Cloud Computing Initiative

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As was announced in Oct ’07 Google and IBM partnered to train the next generation of parallel specialists. It’s been a few months since the announcement, Business Week published an article on how the strategy is progressing.

One simple question. That’s all it took for Christophe Bisciglia to bewilder confident job applicants at Google (GOOG). Bisciglia, an angular 27-year-old senior software engineer with long wavy hair, wanted to see if these undergrads were ready to think like Googlers. “Tell me,” he’d say, “what would you do if you had 1,000 times more data?”

New hires at Google, Bisciglia says, usually take a few months to get used to this scale. “Then one day, you see someone suggest a wild job that needs a few thousand machines, and you say: Hey, he gets it.'”

There is also a follow up interview with Eric Schmidt.


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