Sun adopts 0 datacenter plan

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Continuing to riff on the theme that high performance computing is entering an age of separation between users and operators (for example, Dan Reed writing in HPCwire last week), I bring to your attention a blog post by Nick Carr in which he reports on the growing trend among large computing manufacturers to consolidate their own IT infrastructures.

Nick observes, for example, that HP is already reducing its own datacenters from 85 to 6, and cutting the number of servers in those centers by 30 percent. Then there’s Sun.

Now, Sun Microsystems is upping the stakes. Brian Cinque, the data center architect in Sun’s IT department, says the company’s goal is to close down all its internal data centers by 2015. “Did I just say 0 data centers?” he writes on his blog.”Yes! Our goal is to reduce our entire data center presence by 2015.”

Carr observes — rightly in my mind — that this move supports the company’s own future business ambitions in fulfilling its own “redshift” prophecy.

Sun’s effort to reorganize its own IT is – like HP’s – as much about marketing as about deploying new technology. The company is pioneering this new model of corporate computing in the hope that a lot of other big companies will head down the path it’s blazing.


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