Université De Montréal Researchers Simulate World's Largest Heart Model

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Researchers at the Université De Montréal have completed the largest mathematical simulation of the human heart.  The new UdM model consists of 2 billion elements, making it over 1000 times more detailed than previous models [only a few million elements].   Dr. Mark Potse and Dr. Alain Vinet ran the simulation on an SGI Altix 4700, part of the Quebec Network for High Performance Computing [RQCHP].

We have been using the model code for research and not really developing it further, but after the success of the trial I am now thinking about improving the model, making it much larger and much more detailed, and attacking other diseases that we couldn’t handle before,” said Dr. Potse.

As heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in the Western world, researching the electrical “trigggers” for the various different kinds of heart diease could lead to earlier diagnosis and new treatments.

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