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Archives for February 2008

University of Iowa Lands Grant for New Gear

University of Iowa professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, Ching-Long Lin, has received a grant totaling $473,636 from the National Institutes of Health in order to procure a new supercomputer.  Eric A. Hoffman, professor of radiology at UI’s College of Medicine, professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Iowa Comprehensive Lung Imaging Center is […]

Bull Appoints New Director of HPC Solutions

Bull has announced that they have appointed Fabio Gallo as their Director of HPC Solutions. Gallo was previously VP of Sales Development for Europe and the Middle East for Scali, the HPC middleware solutions firm. Gallo has run the full gambit of HPC companies, working for IBM, SGI and most recently LNXI. He successfully increased […]

Free HPC workshop at Rice

If you’re in Texas and have a hankering for crude with your big compute, head over to Rice on Tuesday next week for the 2008 Oil and Gas High Performance Computing Workshop. The Oil and Gas High Performance Computing Workshop is the second in what we hope will be a regular event. The workshop on […]

Selling Those Unused Cycles

ICT Results has an interesting article on how an EU funded CATNETS project is tackling the problem of unused compute cycles to create a stock exchange. You might soon be selling your spare computer power over the internet, or perhaps buying in extra resources to solve a tricky problem. In either case, network administration used […]

SGI Unveils New Multi-Vendor Support Portfolio

SGI has unveiled a new multi-vendor support program for global infrastructure, logistics and secured site services. The Support Solutions Plus program offers customers, OEM’s, integrators and partners the ability to leverage the SGI support infrastructure at their sites or on their products. SGI has already announced they will support products from IBM, HP, Sun, Solid […]

Just how much Sun could we cram in here?

If you’re in a buying mood, or just wanting to do some productive doodling, head over to Sun’s relatively recently added web page detailing Constellation reference designs. See what it takes to host systems at 70, 210, and 579 TFLOPS. I love the moxie of the web pages; note the marketing language that informs you […]

Xtreme part 2, Appro's sequel

Early November last year Appro announced its new Xtreme-X1 line of quad Xeon-based cluster HPCs. The X1, is designed to be the lego building block of cluster solutions by allowing customers to build systems up in 128-node blocks. Earlier this year they announced the sale of a 95 TFLOPS Xtreme to the University of Tsukuba […]

Our man in Texas: the Ranger dedication

[Ed: our very own John Leidel packed up the Chevy Nova and headed over to TACC to watch the goings on at the Ranger dedication. That’s right, we now have a nationally roving team of reporters! Sure, he only got in because HPCwire scored him an invite, and he does live close by. But still: […]

Details "leaked" on upcoming Intel hexcore chips

I hope Intel’s PR department is getting paid extra for all the effort they have to go through making these announcements look like leaks. Anyway, according to the DailyTech the story is that Intel briefed Sun on futures last month and Sun posted the thing on its public web servers over the weekend. Of interest: […]

Exascale HPC in Wired

Nice article over at Wired Magazine’s site on the joint exascale effort by Sandia and Oak Ridge. The article talks about real issues, which is a refreshing change from a lot of the sunshine and roses we tend to see about HPC in the press In addition, power and reliability require new solutions when you’ve […]