AMD Performance Library goes open source, marketing co-op gets entry for portfolio

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AMD announced today that they’re making their AMD Performance Library available under version 3 of the GPL as “Framewave” (dumb name; what was wrong with AMD Performance Library?).

Today’s announcement makes official the change that AMD has been testing since December 2007 when it first made Framewave available at SourceForge.

AMD logoThe result of nearly three years of effort by over a dozen developers, Framewave is currently comprised of over 3200 high performance software routines that enable developers to more easily create highly optimized multi-threaded applications for x86-class processor platforms. Improved and expanded beyond APL, Framewave enables developers to write applications that better utilize the computing prowess of today’s advanced hardware solutions. Framewave is also application programming interface (API) compatible with the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, simplifying the software development experience through the use of a common interface.