Cluster Resources Releases New Versions of Torque and Gold

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Cluster Resources has announced the release of its latest versions of the TORQUE workload manager [2.3] and the Gold Allocation Manager [v.2.1.5]. TORQUE, based on the original PBS project, has added high availability capabilities and the ability to submit job arrays.

Cluster Resources logoSince TORQUE was released in a number of years ago it has been installed on many of the world’s largest clusters and grids. To date we have recorded tens of thousands of downloads from our web site alone; this doesn’t take into consideration the numerous installs from cluster deployment kits and partners. And Gold continues to benefit sites that need and open source accounting and allocation management solution, providing valuable cost and resource sharing controls.”

Both products are open source and can be downloaded from the Cluster Resources website. [TORQUE and Gold]

Cluster Resources is dedicated to maintaining our open source solutions with the ongoing input from the user/open source community,’ added Jackson. ‘There is just no better development team, and no better way to enhance TORQUE and Gold than with the power of distributed peer review.”

Read the full release here.


  1. Too bad almost no Linux distribution has it packaged?