Cray resells Moab

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Cray announced this week (story at HPCwire) that they are going to resell the Moab suite from Cluster Resources

Cray logoMoab Cluster Suite is a policy-based intelligence engine that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring and reporting of cluster workloads. It integrates with a resource manager (e.g. TORQUE, PBS Professional, LSF, etc.) to generate maximum job throughput and to guarantee service levels are met. Currently Moab optimizes a number of the largest Cray supercomputers, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s more than 23,000 CPU core system, as well as an approximately 26,000 CPU core system and a nearly 20,000 CPU core system at other leading labs. Moab yields higher performance because it is optimized to handle multiple layers of Cray XT systems’ unique environment, rather than just one.