InsideTrack: LNXI entering the dead pool?

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Lots of interesting gossip and rumors floating around these days about Linux Networx and something big in the air for them this week.

I’ve been pumping my friends and irritating those I don’t know very well for the past 24 hours trying to find a quorum opinion on exactly what, and so far I don’t have one.

What I have found is reflected in a comment on this post left by an insideHPC reader on the web site today:

This week, they are going through some BIG changes, sell off/Merger or even a Complete shutdown [capitalization courtesy of the commenter]

I hear the same things. On the sale I hear that possible buyers include one of the “smaller” HPC companies, outfits like Rackable or Penguin.

I feel obligated to remind you at this point in the post that I have a terrible record with rumors. But then, so does everyone else.


  1. LNXI Doors closed and locked at 5pm, entry badges disabled, Wednesday 13th.

    Thursday Morning, 14th 2008, All Employees entered through the Main door, either given last paychecks and asked to leave with their belongings or ‘sgi’ is offering some key staff positions with them along with any assets that ‘sgi’ have purchased (does that include their debt?).

  2. Buttz McGrabben says

    Well, hopefully the ass-wipe exec team will be shown the door. A few good people remain, but the brain-drain over the last year was deadly.