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Sun sent a Valentine to potential customers today as it expanded the range of apps available on its cycle renting service. Sun added 14 new applications including

Sun logo…open source application Blender, an integrated suite of tools for modeling, rendering, animation, post-production, creation and playback of interactive 3D content. …Other notable new open source applications are Zeus (a life sciences application), GAP (a computational mathematics application) and OOFEM (a computer aided engineering application).

The complete list of’s apps in computational mathematics, engineering, design, financial services, rendering and animation, and life sciences can be found at

Scientists from many universities and leading research institutes are relying on for their compute infrastructure as they work on solving complex problems with massive computational needs. “Our research requires the use of large matrix computations involving huge data sets. Using and FreeMat, an interpreted matrix-oriented development environment available in Application Catalog, we are able to scale these intricate computations across large number of CPUs with significant reduction of the computation time,” said Dr. Amir Assadi, Professor of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Madison. “We are also doing research on the algorithms used in these computations and are inviting participation in our project in the Sun Grid Developer Community.” Dr. Bruno Sanso, Associate Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz, and his team of researchers are using to run statistical applications for climate and environmental research.